KI Movable Walls for Creating and Reconfiguring Your Space

KI Movable Walls Genius Walls

KI Movable Walls, also called Architectural Walls, are a cost-effective and sustainable solution for quickly and easily creating and reconfiguring space any time your business and office needs change. In addition, both the Genius® and Lightline™ KI Movable Walls offer infinite aesthetic possibilities for storefront and divisional space applications. These movable walls can be used for standard offices and communal areas that require a basic enclosure with a sound barrier to management offices and executive boardrooms where additional style and form is expected. Southwest Solutions Group® provides businesses and offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio with Genius and Lightline KI Movable Walls that are tailored to your unique requirements.

Two Exceptional KI Movable Wall Options With Genius Walls and Lightline Walls

KI Genius Architectural Walls

The Genius and Lightline Walls are becoming the new market standard solution for technology interface, furniture integration, and solid panel solutions, such as markerboards and tackboards. Together, the Genius and Lightline Architectural Walls maintain top-quality environments that seamlessly integrate both beautiful form and functional utility.

Create Any Look in Any Environment with Durable Genius Walls

With Genius Walls, you can achieve any look you desire in any environment. Numerous aesthetic options let you devise storefronts, private offices, conference rooms, dividing walls and more. You can specify frames in anodized aluminum, wood veneer, or powdercoat paint and finish the look with panels in glass, fabric, vinyl, wood veneer, writable/erasable surfaces, or powdercoat paint.

In addition, the movable walls are planned and manufactured to remain durable and last a lifetime. For maximum panel rigidity, the frame is constructed out of aluminum with a 22-gauge steel skin substrate. Genius walls – solid and glass panels – comply with the 1997 Uniform Building Code and the 2000 International Building Code as determined by ICC Evaluation Service. This approval is often necessary for specification of a wall product in a seismic area. (Click to Read More about Genius Moveable Walls)

Enhance and Maximize the Natural Light in Your Space with Lightline Walls

Moveable KI Walls Modular Genius Wall

Lightline Walls are pre-assembled unitized glass walls that are made to enhance natural light. The Lightline Walls seamless connections maximize natural light, which creates brighter spaces that provide visual integration between architecture and furniture. Because these movable walls don’t require vertical posts, you can create spaces with no visual breaks. Also, its thinner, smaller rectilinear profiles go practically unnoticed.

Versatile and adaptable, Lightline Walls easily integrate with permanent construction or the Genius Walls. Lightline is the only fully unitized storefront solution that can be easily moved and reconfigured without waste and with minimal labor. (Click Here for More Information on Lightline Architectural Walls)

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We will provide you with design, planning, and installation assistance for your KI Movable Walls. We will work with you to create the Architectural Wall solution that meets all of your wants and needs. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083, so we can put you in touch with the KI Movable Wall expert in your area.