Create Beautiful and Functional Spaces with KI Architectural Movable Walls

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The main purpose of a wall is to divide space and provide privacy. With KI Architectural Movable Walls, you can quickly and easily create and reconfigure your office space any time your needs change. Both lines of are KI Architectural Movable Walls, Genius® and Lightline™, are cost-effective and sustainable and can be used for storefront and divisional space applications. For example, you can use the Architectural Movable Walls for basic offices and communal areas that just need a basic enclosure with a sound barrier, or for management offices and executive boardrooms where more elegance and structure is required.

Genius Architectural Movable Walls

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KI’s Genius® Architectural Movable Walls improve the function of your space, have tons of design options to meet your preferences, and are made of green friendly materials. Some of the functionality features and options of the Genius Walls include reducing noise, delivering power and data, and integrating with furniture and structures. The walls are constructed using ecologically sound materials and processes to maintain sustainability and are extremely durable to withstand years of use and reconfigurations. With tons of options for materials, textures, colors and configurations, Genius Architectural Movable Walls offer the design flexibility to make a striking visual impression. (Click to read more about the Genius Walls)

Lightline Architectural Movable Walls

The Lightline Wall’s distinctive ability to be specified with unlimited butt-glazing allows you to design spaces with no visual breaks. KI’s Lightline Architectural Movable Walls seamlessly connect to maximize natural light and create brighter, more attractive spaces, which warms the interior environment to enhance worker morale and productivity. (Click to read more about the Lightline Walls)

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Designing and Installing KI Architectural Movable Walls

Southwest Solutions Group® provides businesses and offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio with Genius and Lightline KI Architectural Movable Walls that are tailored to your unique requirements. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 so we can put you in touch with the KI Wall expert in your area.