unitized architectural walls are easy to moveWhy are Architectural Walls So Great?

The main purpose of a wall is to divide space and provide privacy. The most common type of wall is drywall. But unitized walls are gaining popularity due to the lack of flexibility with drywall construction. With unitized architectural walls, you can quickly and easily create and reconfigure your office space any time your needs change. You can also use a variety of materials, including glass, to make architectural walls.

The Difference Between Unitized and Component Based Architectural Walls

There are two main types of architectural walls: unitized and component based. Unitized walls ship as a complete “unit” including the glass and frame. Component based walls ship as parts and are assembled onsite. Both wall types have leveling capabilities and are held in place with continuous top and bottom channels.

Which type of wall is best for your business? Well it depends. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unitized Walls


component based architectural walls can change appearance quick

  • Faster installation
  • More flexibility
  • Can be delivered pre-wired
  • Often available with wall mounted furniture


  • Profiles tend to be larger
  • Glass cannot be locally sourced
  • Less ability to adjust to unexpected field conditions
  • Vertical mullion required at every panel

Advantages and Disadvantages of Component Based Walls


  • Profiles tend to be slimmer
  • Profiles can be field cut if needed
  • Glass can be locally sourced
  • Can be butt glazed


  • Longer installation required
  • More on-site coordination with electrical required
  • Less flexible (though still non-progressive)

Overall, if you aren’t looking to move the entire wall, but just want to make frequent aesthetic changes, component based walls are your best option. Conversely, if your company needs the flexibility to quickly divide and create space, movable walls will be the best option.

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