Keyless Mail Slots & Mailboxes

through wall locking mail slots lockers in wall recessedFront load mail slots and through wall mailboxes in wood, plastic, or laminate can be installed standalone or in walls with keyed or keyless options (see images). Keyless locks offer multiple user benefits that reduce the need for key management and upkeep.

The front load mail slots allow mail to be placed in the slot without having to open the compartment. When the recipient retrieves the mail, they simply enter a pre-assigned code into the keyless lock to open it. The mail slot is then free to use for the next delivery. Alternatively, codes can be assigned to users for long-term dedicated use.

front load mail box locking employee mailroomThrough wall mailboxes can also be installed directly into your wall. This way, deliveries can be placed in the mailboxes from inside the mailroom and retrieved from recipients outside. This configuration is ideal for university student P.O. boxes, as larger packages along with regular mail can be placed in the boxes and retrieved at the students’ earliest convenience. Click here to see more mailroom furniture.

We strongly recommend keyless locks, which can also be retrofitted onto your existing mail slots and boxes. With keyless locks you don’t need to worry about losing or misplacing keys, and users don’t need to remember (or forget) a combination lock number since the keyless lock’s code can be sent directly to them. The locks are also battery-powered and don’t need electrical wires and can be changed easily.

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