architect plan shelving cabinets dividers adjustable draftsman blueprint storageArchitect plan shelving cabinets with dividers provide adjustable draftsman blueprint storage with flexible, safe space to store flat and rolled drawings. Adaptive and durable components combine to create a cost-effective solution with the strength and versatility to keep artwork safe. Each features separate areas to keep active and inactive documents organized, yet close to one another to allow convenient access when needed.

Interior components can accommodate adjustments on 1-1/2″ centers, allowing users to adapt systems based on changing needs and still maximize space. Optional swinging doors provide efficient protection against material theft and damage. Units allow use in business environments with permanent and freelance creative types, including firms that have engineers.see revit drawings and specifications for combination blueprint storage

Features for cost-effective adjustable draftsman blueprint storage

The adjustable draftsman blueprint storage includes many features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. Among them are:

Posts and Sides: Units designed with four posts and 24-gauge side panels that ensure sturdy use.

Shelves: Shelves clip into the posts and are adjustable on 1-1/2″ centers, allowing users to easily install the components and create optimal storage conditions. Each made from 18-gauge steel construction and rated to hold 475 lbs. each (uniform non-impact loads). Shelves punched to allow flexible divider adjustment on 1-1/2″ centers.

Dividers: Dividers made from 20-gauge steel with rounded front flanges to keep users safe.

Backs: Units include 24-gauge back panels.

Base Strip: Base strips made from 18-gauge steel provide added durability

Swinging Doors: Optional swinging doors available to provide added security. The components come preassembled to a 16-gauge steel frame to speed integration. Doors made with 20-gauge steel and reinforced to prevent warping. Each has three 5-knuckle hinges and a chrome plated key handle that helps speed material access.

Assembly: Assembly required.

Finish: Units electrostatically spray painted with enamel and baked on at 360 degrees.

Warranty: Manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty

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