A Mobile File Compactor System Will Condense Storage Shelving to Save Space

Condense your storage shelving with a Mobile File Compactor System

A Mobile File Compactor System is used to condense storage space by replacing stationary access aisles with moving access aisles. A Mobile File Compactor System typically exchanges five to six stationary aisles for one moving aisle, but the exact number of moving aisles you need will depend on your activity level. Converting to a Mobile File Compactor System will greatly reduce your storage floorspace. Some clients use this condense storage shelving to double their storage capacity in the same space used for traditional shelving with stationary aisles. (watch how a Mobile File Compactor System moves to condense storage shelving)

A Compactor System will Condense Storage Shelving to save space

How a Technical Library Doubled Their Storage Capacity with a Mobile File Compactor System

A technical library was scheduled to move into a smaller building location. The major challenge was that the library had already run out of space for storing their resources, which included files, books, manuals, CDs, DVDs, and journals. In addition, they needed more workspace in the new location. The company purchased a Mobile File Compactor System with rotating control handles which allowed them space to store all of their technical library resources and have additional room for growth. Plus, the condense storage shelving provided them the room to add the workspace they needed. This is just one of the many examples of how Mobile File Compactor Systems can help you better manage your storage floorspace.

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