Mobilizing Boltless Wide Span Shelving Creates A Space Efficient Storage Solution

Boltless Wide Span Shelving Racks compact together to remove wasted aisles

Industrial Warehouse Storage Racks and Boltless Wide Span Shelving are a good solution for storing heavy and oversized products, inventory, parts, and boxes. But if you want a space efficient and cost effective storage solution, then take your warehouse storage racks and wide span shelving units and mobilize them. Mobilizing your warehouse storage racks and wide span shelving on rails is simple to do and will create more space for other uses. (view images of mobilized Industrial Warehouse Storage Racks and Boltless Wide Span Shelving)

Analyzing Your bulk Racking Storage Areas For Efficient Space Utilization

Industrial Warehouse Storage Racks are mobilized on floor tracks

If you analyze your bulk racking storage areas, you will probably find that 50% of your storage floorspace is made up of access aisles used for personnel to access stored materials. In addition, if you observed the traffic in and out of the storage area’s access aisle, you would probably find 80% of the time there is only one person accessing materials for every five to six rows of bulk storage racks. That means that four to five access aisles are just sitting there consuming floorspace, air conditioning, lighting, and $$$.

How Mobilizing Your Warehouse Storage Racks and Wide Span Shelving Works

Mobilizing your warehouse storage racks is pretty easy. First, we lay rails on the floor and then we place rows of your storage racks or wide span shelving on wheeled platforms that roll on rails. Now your rows of racks or shelving will roll together to condense your storage. Rows of storage racks can be easily moved to create a “moveable” access aisle when and where you want it by manually rotating a control handle or automatically by pushing a button.

Benefits of Mobilizing Industrial Warehouse Storage Racks, Boltless Wide Span Shelving, and Bulk Racking

Bulk Industrial Storage Shelving for military mobility bags saves space

  • The wheeled rolling platforms will house new or existing industrial warehouse storage racks, boltless wide span shelving, or bulk racking, to help keep costs down and provide an even faster return on investment.
  • Mobilizing stationary racks and shelving eliminates unnecessary access aisles, generating more space for products, production lines, staging areas or offices.
  • Mobilizing your warehouse storage racks and bulk racking storage areas can double your storage capacity in the same area as stationary racks and shelving. This reduces the need to expand your building or relocate items to an off-site storage facility.
  • The mobilized system floor rails can be installed on an existing concrete slab without the need for leveling or structural footings.

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