Industrial high-density storage shelving and hand crank bulk racks consolidate and condense storage in warehouses and industrial facilities. Some of their benefits include:

  • Reducing the storage space to about half of traditional static shelving
  • Doubling the storage capacity in the same amount of floorspace
  • Enhancing productivity by bringing prats closer to the point of use
  • Consolidating storage areas into one area
  • Ability to lock and secure part of or the entire storage area

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Industrial High-Density Shelving

Industrial high-density shelving provides secure, heavy-duty storage in a compact footprint.   go back to the top

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Compact Hand Crank Bulk Racks

Compact bulk racks efficiently store large quantities of material and operate with an ergonomic hand crank.   go back to the top

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Powered High-Density Safety Features

Safety features like the zero-force sensor prevent injury to employees or damage to products when using powered high-density systems.   go back to the top

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