High Capacity Filing Systems Condense Records in Less Floor Space

High capacity filing systems and high volume file cabinets use less floor space than both traditional file cabinets and stationary open record shelving. How much space (watch before and after filing video)? Compared to traditional lateral file cabinets, they can use up to 60% less floor space. The high capacity filing systems are designed not only to save floor space but also to enhance worker productivity (view high capacity filing photos).

condense record space with high capacity file cabinets

Step One – Change to High Capacity File Shelving to Condense Record Storage Space

High capacity filing systems condense record storage floor space in several ways. First off, changing to an open shelving type filing system will condense your space needs because records are stored on a shelf instead of a drawer. This increases the capacity because file shelving is able to store records seven to eight levels high versus four to five drawers high. Secondly, file shelving has a smaller footprint. For example, lateral cabinet housing letter-size files are typically 18” deep versus file shelving’s 12” depth. Also, with file shelving you can work in a 30” to 36” aisle instead of a 48” aisle which is typical in most lateral file cabinet layouts. This may not sound like a lot but all those silly little inches add up to big space savings. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Step Two – Increase Your Record Storage Volume With a Condense Filing System

high volume file cabinets

There are several different types of condense filing systems to increase your record volume in less floor space. There are double depth filing cabinets that spin around, high capacity sliding file cabinets that slide back and forth in front of stationary cabinets to double or even triple your file volume, and finally there are high capacity filing systems that roll back and forth on tracks to provide the maximum file volume density. We can even use your filing cabinets on some of these condense filing systems.

Which high volume filing system is best for your needs?

Determining which high volume filing cabinet will work best for you is based on your needs. That is why Southwest Solutions Group offers a free 30 minute initial phone meeting to discuss your requirements. During that time our trained and knowledgeable representatives will be able to determine approximately how much space you can save and a budgetary calculation for a high volume file cabinet system.

high volume file cabinets condense record storage space

Experts in Designing and Planning High Capacity Condense Filing Systems

Southwest Solutions Group has been providing high capacity filing systems and high volume file cabinets since 1969. Our trained sales representatives are knowledgeable in ADA and Fire Code compliance, floor load implications, and innovative layout designs to bring you the best value, code compliance, and efficient solutions. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to see how a high capacity filing system will benefit your business.


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