High Capacity Moving Shelves Improve Operations

high capacity moving shelves supply storageWith their property growing and their needs changing, a resort and casino was also facing challenges with their back-of-house storage areas. Using traditional warehouse racking, storage for tables, cleaning supplies, and other items was inefficient and cramped; the resort was concerned that this ineffective storage would result in lower customer satisfaction. Read on to find out how high capacity moving shelves were able to maximize resort space and improve customer service, reduce the risk of staff injuries, and boost turnaround time. Click here to watch a video about how high capacity moving shelves work.

Multiple Surprising Benefits

Management was surprised to find out that their property shelving and racks didn’t need to remain stationary. And even with heavier items like tables, tableware, and boxes of cleaning solutions, the high capacity moving shelves provided a space-saving solution that made it easy for staff to find and access what they needed. Additionally, their existing shelves and racks could be mounted on the moving carriages, which helped them save on costs.

With the installation of the high capacity moving shelves, the resort property was able to experience the following benefits:

  • Space savings: The property has grown rapidly in just the past few years, and the high capacity moving shelves have allowed them to store more items in the same amount of space without having to spend money on costly building expansions.maximize space improve customer service
  • Time savings: Because staff can instantly retrieve necessary items, even large and heavy ones like tables, they no longer need to move several items to get to what they need. This translates into better time management and allows staff to service their customers faster.
  • Improved morale: Since the staff is now able to focus on their mission to improve customer service, they no longer have to struggle with inconvenient and time-consuming storage. And since the staff doesn’t need to maneuver around other storage obstructions, there’s a much lower risk of anyone getting hurt.
  • Freed up space for other uses: The first moving shelves installation freed up enough space that the resort was able to purchase items that enhance the guest experience and the property’s revenue stream.

Though the staff was skeptical at first, the moving shelves were quickly integrated into the resort’s daily activities. In fact, operations have improved so much since the installation that the facility is planning on installing multiple additional systems as they continue to grow.

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