Proper Storage of Tools & Dies

vertical lift modules vlms tool die storageStoring tools and dies in industrial and warehousing facilities can be difficult and many warehouses resort to storing them haphazardly and on the floor. This leads to dies being scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged just in the process of storing them. Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are efficient solutions for protecting, storing, and managing heavy-duty tools and dies in just one compact enclosed system that is guaranteed for years of use. Click here to watch a video about how the VLMs work.

VLMs: Tool & Die Storage, Management, & Protection

The VLMs offer a centralized, goods-to-person solution where small, medium, and large and bulky tools and dies of varying shapes and sizes can be stored near the point of use, such as a tooling or stamping machine. The automatic sending and receiving capabilities of the VLMs deliver selected items directly to the operator, preventing employees from walking and searching for tools through aisles of shelving. This method also reduces picking time by 50% and improves ergonomics by bringing stored materials to a waist high counter, eliminating the need for workers to bend, twist, or lift to retrieve items. Each storage tray within the machine can hold up to 2,000 pounds for even the heaviest dies.storing & managing heavy duty tools dies in vlm shuttles

In addition, the closed configuration of the VLMs provide protection from dust, dirt, and damage. Access to items can also be restricted to authorized users for enhanced security. Integrated technology automatically stores trays within the VLM in the least amount of space possible, allowing you up to 85% floor space savings compared to static shelving.

Picking software integrated into the VLMs offers all the basic functions of warehouse management software. It can set up and track your storage, manage storage and retrieval tasks, perform inventory management in real time and provide inventory reports, and handle tool management functions or link to your existing tool management software. The software prevents stock-outs, overstocks, and lost or misplaced items, and can even alert you when stock is low or can automatically order new materials.

VLMs are forklift accessible and can also be integrated with cranes for easier and faster lifting and handling of heavy tools and dies. Click here to see all the benefits a vertical lift module can provide you for your storage application.

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