Managing Electronic Files in the Paperless Office

Improvements in technology have allowed businesses to stop dreaming about a world without paper and actually make it a reality. But why are we so fanatic about eliminating paper documents? Because paper documents hamper workflow and productivity. Let’s face it paper is hard to manage. It takes time to locate and retrieve, it’s easy to misplace, and it can only be viewed by one person at a time (unless, of course, you copy them and produce more paper). Document Management Software solves these issues by managing electronic files and scanned paper documents to improve workflow and productivity.

Document Management Software Automates Tasks to Enhance Workflow Productivity

Document management software searches, manages and stores scanned documents along with over 400 types of electronic documents. It works just like a file cabinet containing files, documents, and notes, except documents are easy to locate, retrieve, never misplaced, and can be viewed by multiple people at once. Documents can be approved, modified, stamped, and edited by each person throughout the workflow process, providing an audit trail along the way. More importantly, workflow can be automated routing documents and notifying people without the need for human interaction.

benefits of document management software for the paperless officeOnce a document fulfills its lifecycle retention schedule, documents can be scheduled for destruction. Each action to view, edit, restore, delete, etc… is assigned by the administrator on a permission basis.

Managing Documents for Compliance and Disaster Management

Following all the federal rules to maintain compliance with whatever regulatory guidelines your business has to follow (HIPAA, SEC Rule 17a-4, SOX) can be challenging and costly when using paper documents. Document Management Software helps safeguard your business from risk of fines while reducing the cost of reproducing documents to comply with government investigations and regulations. In addition, your information can be easily backed up to protect against a catastrophic event like fires and floods.

Features of Our Document Management Software

  • Full Text Search OCR
  • Manages over 400 File Formats
  • Document Check-in / Check-out
  • Access via the Web and Desktop
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Automate Business Processes
  • Audit Trail & Version/Revision
  • Advanced Security Privileges
  • 128-bit Encrypted Storage
  • Scan (ISIS/TWAIN) & OCR Images
  • Electronic Signature Options

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