The Ideal Solution for Saving Space in Your Warehousehigh capacity pallet storage systems save warehouse space

Save warehouse space with Spacesaver® ActivRAC High Capacity Pallet Storage Systems. These pallet storage systems can save over 50% of your pallet storage space to maximize storage at the point-of-use and increase productivity and space efficiencies in your warehouse. Designed for heavy-duty storage the ActivRAC systems are an ideal solution for storing all types of supplies, inventory, parts and tools. (view images of Spacesaver ActivRAC High Capacity Pallet Storage Systems) (See videos See videos)

How Spacesaver ActivRAC High Capacity Pallet Storage Systems Work

Unlike traditional pallet racking with aisles between each row of racks, ActivRAC pallet storage systems use a movable aisle. The rows of pallet racks (that are either owner supplied or new) compact together to remove the static access aisles. The rows of pallet racks roll easily along floor tracks to create an aisle by rotating a three-spoke handle. The handle comes with a safety lock to protect users while working in an open aisle. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

What Can You Do with More Warehouse Space?

hand crank spacesaver activrac storage systemThe ActivRAC High Capacity Pallet Storage System will free up valuable floor space for additional production lines, offices or other income producing equipment and activities. Or you can consolidate your warehouse space and reduce your overhead operating costs by adding high capacity pallet storage systems to maximize your storage of parts and supplies. Click to watch high capacity pallet storage systems videos.

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Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing all types of commercial and industrial businesses with ways to save warehouse space with innovative storage solutions. We design, install, and service Spacesaver pallet and shelving storage systems for your warehouse facility. For more information, send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with one of our material handling storage specialists.