Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units a Simple and Flexible Storage System

Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units Book Storage

Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units were created to be a simple and flexible storage system that can be personalized to meet your precise requirements. Whether you are looking for open or closed back, single or double entry, letter or legal, Aurora Quik-Lok has the size and style available. The shelving units assemble with no tools, braces, or hardware to create an extremely modular configuration that allows for flexible space planning when you ever need to add to or re-configure the shelves. We will provide you with the shelves, parts, pieces, and accessories in addition to design and installation services for your Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units. (Aurora Quik-Lok Images)

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Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units Sizes

aurora quik-lok 4-post shelving units component parts shelves uprights

Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units are available in numerous standard sizes and styles. In addition, we offer custom widths and heights to give you true design flexibility. Below are the standard widths, heights, and depths of the Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving:

  • Widths: 24”, 30”, 42”, and 48”
  • Heights: 40 ¼”, 64 ¼”, 76 ¼”, 85 ¼”, 88 ¼”, 97 ¼”, 100 ¼”, and 121 ¼”
  • Depths: 9”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 15”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 26”, 30”, 32”, and 36”

Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units Shelves Parts Pieces

Aurora Quik-Lok is easy to disassemble and relocate because the shelves, parts, and pieces require no tools, braces, or hardware. The Quik-Base is an all in one shelf support, front base, and floor anchoring device. The 4-Post Shelving supports with rivets fit neatly into upright key holes. Below are all the shelves, parts, and pieces that come with the Aurora Quik-Lok Units:

  • Vertical upright side panels come in either closed or open styles. The “L” style uprights are used at row ends and on stand alone units while the “T” style uprights are used to connect shelving units when assembled in a long row.
  • Aurora Quik-Lok has plain and slotted shelves to accept shelf dividers4-post shelving revit bim models
  • Other parts and pieces include shelf supports, front bases, center stops, back stops, shelf reinforcements, shelf dividers, and back panels

Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Accessories Drawers

Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units Accessories

Aurora Quik-Lok 4-Post Shelving Units have accessories for filing and storing everything you need. The accessories include:

  • Shelf bin dividers
  • Roll-out reference/posting shelf
  • Sloped periodical shelves
  • End panel shelves located at the end of shelving rows
  • Media shelves for cds, dvd, vhs tape and other media
  • Hanging racks for garments, newspapers, carpet samples, etc.
  • Locking hinged doors, retractable rolling tambour doors, and sliding doors
  • Filing drawers, media drawers, and parts drawers with dividers

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