Removing Fixed Aisles to Save Storage Space

file saver shelving maximizes storage floor spaceThe biggest waste of storage space is fixed aisles in between rows of shelving or cabinets. Removing these unnecessary fixed aisles will decrease your storage space, and you can do this with file saver shelving and aisle saver storage cabinets. Each of these shelving and cabinet storage systems optimizes the number of aisles you need to access stored items.

What is File Saver Shelving?

There are two types of file saver shelving with the same the basic concept: moving shelving that compacts together to eliminate excess aisle space. The first one, known as high density file saver shelving, uses the same layout as your static shelving but places all the shelves on floor tracks. With the push of a button or turn of the handle, the rows of shelving compact together, and then open to create an aisle. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

The second type is known as sliding file saver shelving. This time rows of shelving are stacked one in front of the other. The front rows are also placed on tracks, with on less shelving unit than the back row. To access stored items, you simply push the front rows out of the way, and use the empty space to access stored items in the back.

When you compare either type of file saver shelving to lateral cabinets or traditional static shelving, you can reduce your storage area by 50% or double your storage capacity within the same footprint.

aisle saver storage cabinets deliver files to employeesWhat are Aisle Saver Storage Cabinets?

Aisle saver storage cabinets are unique filing machines that offer more than just storage. The cabinets consist of a series of vertically arranged revolving file shelves or file drawers. At the push of a button, the shelves will rotate to automatically bring requested files to an ergonomically positioned work counter.

The aisle saver storage cabinets have the capacity of about 27 lateral file cabinets, and use about 60% less floor space. And with the added benefit of files being delivered directly to the operator, you can increase productivity while at the same time improving employee satisfaction. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

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