Mobile Desk Benching Systems are the Newest in Open Plan Workstationsopen plan workstations are easy to set-up

Successful companies always have their sights set around the next corner. Spotting trends and identifying potential advancements can have a big impact on the bottom line. What if there was a solution for your company that would allow you to better adapt to changes? Now there is. The mobile desk benching system quickly adapts to workforces changes and reconfigures whenever your business reinvents itself.

The mobile desk benching system is unlike any other open plan workstations. Advantages include:

  • You don’t need professional installers because anyone can set-up and take down the benching system without tools.
  • The furniture is engineered to be folded-up and moved hundreds of times.
  • Work surfaces, power cords, monitor arms, and accessories are attached to wheeled panels, so there’s no more keeping up with pieces and parts.
  • The furniture will fold up to compact to 15% of its original size so that you can easily move it out of the way or transport it to another location.

Features of the Mobile Desk Benching System

swiftspace benching systemWork Surface: 24” or 30” depths in single and double configurations and lengths of 5’, 6’ or 8’.

Attached Storage: Storage solutions come mounted to your bench and stay there even when it’s closed. Center and end hung storage is available as shared cubbies or full storage bins and are available open, with dividers or with doors.

Mobile Storage: Complete line of mobile pedestals, storage towers, lateral files, and accessories.

Power & Data: The aluminum power and data trough with its hinged access panel provides an alternative to stand alone or above floor solutions.

Each benching system also comes with two removable surge protected powerbars that provide 8 electrical outlets and 4 USB charger desk benching systems folds up to be easily stored away

Visual Privacy: The mounting frame for the center storage can be left open to allow for visual access to the other side or filled with frosted acrylic, laminate, whiteboard, or tackboards to provide visual privacy. If the center storage isn’t selected, privacy can be achieved with various heights of frosted acrylic.

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