A Solution for Improving Office Space Efficiency

swiftspace mobile desk workstation improves space efficiencyFor the most part, office space efficiency boils down to one thing: use the space you already have, just use it better. One solution is the ability to complete different tasks in one space. And you can do that with the right office furniture. Instead of the cubicle, which only has one real function, Swiftspace’s furniture systems include workstations, benching systems, meeting booths, and adjustable desks that can be used for multiple activities.

Creating Spaces to Match How Your Employees Work

Employees spend time working alone, collaborating with people, working with a large team, attending training sessions, and so much more. The ability to quickly change your space to meet these needs is essential, and something most traditional cubicles can’t do. SwiftSpace makes it possible for an organization to change their space in minutes and create the spaces where people can do their best work. Here are just some of the reasons why Swiftspace office furniture is different:

  • Mobile so it can go anywhere you need
  • Folds down so you can store it out of the way
  • No professional installers requires
  • Everything can be done in minutes
  • Get more people in the same space
  • Durable to withstand daily use without failing
  • Great for flex spaces with temp workers
  • Ideal for swing spaces that need flexibility

Learn More About Each of the SwiftSpace Office Furniture Solutionsswiftspace benching systems and height adjustable desks

SwiftSpace has a variety of office furniture solutions that work together to create multi-purpose spaces:

Each of these SwiftSpace solutions is designed to be used together to help your office maximize the use of space while providing your employees the tools they need to get their work done.

Contact Us for SwiftSpace Workstations & Benching Systems

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