Locking Flipper Door Cabinets Combine the Best Features of Filing Cabinets and Open Shelving

Conventional top tab filing cabinets work well because they lock, which keeps stored items safe and secure. The problem is top tab file cabinets take up a lot of floor space. In contrast, open file shelving works well because it takes up less space and stored files are easy to access. The downside is that open file shelving do not secure files. Our online partner, StoreMoreStore provides a solution that combines the best of both top tab filing cabinets and open file shelving – Locking Flipper Door Cabinets. These 7 tier file storage cabinets store more in less space and lock to keep files safe and secure.

locking 7 tier file storage cabinetsLocking Flipper Door Cabinets Features and Benefits

Here are some of the features and benefits of the Locking Flipper Door Cabinets:

  • Accommodates letter or legal size files.
  • Cabinets available with five levels, six levels, or seven levels.
  • Come with four file dividers per shelf.
  • Includes a master key to lock all doors (each cabinet is keyed differently when buying multiple units as a standard).
  • Cabinets come fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Cabinets can be placed on tracks to save even more space.
  • Shelves are fixed with a 10″ high clear spacing between them.
  • Each cabinet shelf has a 120 pound load capacity.
  • Inside opening width dimension of each shelf is 34″.
  • Personalize which shelf openings you want to add the flipper doors to.

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high density locking flipper door cabinetsHigh Capacity Locking Flipper Door Cabinets Rolling on Tracks

If you are looking to save even more floor space, consider the high capacity option for the Locking Flipper Door Cabinets. This storage system consists of rolling cabinets two rows or three rows deep. The front cabinets are placed on rolling bases that roll side to side on to provide access to the back row of stationary cabinets. The result of this double deep/triple deep arrangement is an increase in storage capacity in less floor space.

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