Retractable Floor Seating Saves Space

automatic retractable floor seatingDon’t waste time finding and moving fold-up chairs around to make seating space. It takes up your time before and after an event, and there never seems to be enough seating for everyone. On top of that, folding chairs are notoriously uncomfortable. Keep your space open when you don’t need seating and create plenty of it without lifting a finger with automatic retractable floor seating designed especially for auditoriums, event spaces, theaters, classrooms, and more. Read more about fold-down seating here.

Retractable Seating for Auditoriums & Event Spaces

Instead of always having to find space for seating, the retractable chairs are always ready to be used. The seats recede into a retractable floor, creating an open space when not in use and automatically creating a functional seating area when needed.

The system can be installed in under 14” in total height, allowing incorporation into a wide variety of building plans. Since the retractable floor seating comes in sections, it maximizes your room’s functionality with full, partial, or no seating. A more flexible space also means more functionality and less real estate costs.

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The chairs themselves have a design that is just as unique. The flex spring seat allows the seats to easily fold down when used, and automatically fold up again when not. Though their design is sleek, the chairs are made sturdy and tested to 600 pounds each. When folded, their profile is only four inches thick, allowing the maximum amount of use in a very compact space.

The seating is perfectly comfortable for users with cushioned seats and optional 3D upholstered back panels. Antimicrobial product protection also ensures that your seating area won’t harbor germs and bacteria to spread to others.

Choose from touch screen or push-button control to move the seats up and down in just 90 seconds. Floor panels are available in wood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic, and stone, with fabric or coated fabric textiles, birch plywood, and black or silver paint finishes.

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