Reception Stations & Welcome Desk Casework

reception station counter welcome centerWhen a history center was planning an $18 million renovation of their campus, they wanted to make sure their high-profile casework and storage solutions were top of the line. The reception station counter, welcome center desk, and security workstation were several key segments of the revitalization effort that the center received design and planning assistance along with professional and quick installation services. Read on to learn about the types of casework installed. Click here to learn more about modular casework.

Functional & Attractive Designs

The planning team made sure to design the casework of the welcome center to blend seamlessly with the design elements specified by the architect. A specialized cherry laminate finish was used for the three-piece reception station counter and literature rack; this finish was replicated for the wood display on the opposite wall. Reveal panels were also added to the front of the components. Limestone was installed on the surfaces, which provided an exact match to the existing donor wall positioned behind the unit. And because casework is modular, it was easy to install and can be modified in the future if needed.desk security workstation casework reception center

Practical concerns with the casework were also addressed. A covered base conceals the levelers required to accommodate an uneven floor. Since the reception station also serves as a data management center, the project designers had to ensure that the design and components would make the desk functional and sleek.

Another key project of the renovation involved the look and flow of the display hub. The center allows meeting spaces and ballrooms to be rented during off hours for special occasions; previously, portions of the museum had to be hidden from view during these functions for security. During the renovation, a glazed wall system was installed to display the exhibit galleries securely so they didn’t have to be hidden away.

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