Rolling security door system protects patient records

rolling security door systemThe need for a rolling security door system has become ever so important, especially with identity theft having plagued medical field in recent years. That’s right, folks. Medical identity theft is an issue that is raising at an alarming rate. Three major health insurers, all tied to one provider, were cited in an article as being victims of data breaches just last year. The number of records affected reached nearly 92 million. Secure shelving shutter doors that roll up and down are the perfect solution for putting an end to this kind of fraud. They are easy to operate, yet strong enough to provide you with a solid wall of security for protecting the authenticity and integrity of patient records in the physical form. A choice of two operating controls – including a built-in balanced torsion assist spring or motorized-power push button allow the rolling security door system to function with ease, while also facilitating a degree of regulated access to what is stored inside.

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Secure shelving shutter doors that roll up & down

secure shelving shutter doors that roll up and downThe unique thing about secure shelving shutter doors that roll up and down is that they require absolutely no use of floor space in order to function. Due to this fact, the rolling security door system was exactly what a counseling office needed when bound by a government contract to secure sensitive psychiatric records and evaluations. Its office space was confined and room for doors was simply not possible. And, while the absence of swinging or sliding doors might cause some to question the ability of the system to comply with security requirements linked to the HIPAA privacy mandate, simply it was not the case here. Security requirements were met well before the HIPAA privacy mandate was passed by Congress. Improved space efficiency and mobility were also established as a result of its use. The operation of a rolling security door system with push button controls is explained. (Watch video)

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