Spinning Two-Sided Turning File Shelf Cabinets Save Space

Ford Motor Collections Department utilizes Spinning File Cabinets to conserve floor space. Ford consolidated 150 separate locations into eight regional service centers to reduce costs and streamline their collections operations. Ford built a pilot service center incorporating 36 spinning two-sided turning file shelf cabinets to save floor space in the pilot service center. For the pilot service center turning spin file cabinets proved to be an effective method of storing and retrieving documents and saved valuable floor space, so Ford standardized spinning file cabinets for all of their service centers across the country. Ford moved its nonlegal records and incorporated more than 200 spinning rotary file cabinets into regional file rooms to store legal title documents.

Spinning File Cabinets Reduce Construction and Energy Costs

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The spinning rotary file cabinets allowed Ford Credit to save floor space and build new smaller more efficient buildings, saving on construction costs and reducing ongoing energy costs. Some of the file storage rooms were located on the second floor of buildings. The spinning rotary file cabinets met the weight load requirements for the upper floors. The two-sided spinning cabinets provide flexibility to store various items within the same cabinet like binders, supplies, and computer media. The turning file cabinets are easy to expand and easy to relocate. Because the rotary file cabinets spin to close they are able to provide a very attractive and secure storage method for files.

Layout and Planning Assistance for Two-Sided Spinning File Cabinets

Design and planning spin shelf file cabinets are an important part of our business. For more information on tow sided spinning file cabinets, please send us a message or call us at 800-803-1083 and we have your local representative contact you.

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