Improve Customer And Resident Satisfaction With Smart Lockers

refrigerated pickup lockersRecent years have seen a growing trend of shopping online for all types of products. But as convenient as online shopping is, retrieving a delivered order can be a headache. Recipients typically have to modify their schedule around picking up a package, whether to make sure it isn’t left sitting out on a doorstep or to get to their mailroom during its limited hours. And with the rise of online grocery and meal kit orders, it’s even more urgent that these types of deliveries be picked up as soon as possible and not left to spoil at ambient temperatures.

Smart lockers solve these problems by keeping orders secure until recipients can pick them up at their convenience. New temperature-controlled options store sensitive items like certain foods, medications, and electronics at the appropriate temperature until you’re able to retrieve them. Apartment buildings, grocery stores that offer mobile ordering, and a wide variety of other applications can ensure the satisfaction of their residents or customers with a smart locker system. Read more about smart parcel delivery lockers here.

How Do Smart Lockers Work?

Smart lockers come in customizable, modular units accessed through a central touchscreen console. The depositor uses this touchscreen to scan in the delivery, assign the proper recipient, and select an appropriate locker size. The system software assigns and opens a locker compartment for the delivery, which locks automatically after the package is deposited. It then tracks the storage location of the package and sends an email or text message to the recipient with a secure PIN code. The recipient is then free to pick up their order at their convenience—at any time of the day or night—using their code to access the appropriate locker.

What are refrigerated pickup lockers?

temperature controlled grocery package lockerRefrigerated pickup lockers are an advanced smart locker option ideal for storing perishable food items, heat-sensitive medicine or electronics, or even warm meals. Well-suited to the current trend of online grocery shopping, these smart lockers are an excellent solution for grocery stores that allow customers to place mobile orders: install the lockers in-store or curbside for convenient self-serve pickup. Alternately, add these modular lockers into an apartment or condo building for safe storage of residents’ temperature-sensitive deliveries.

Temperature-controlled grocery package lockers are available in a variety of options for keeping stored items warm, chilled, or frozen. The most high-end smart lockers use thermoelectric cooling technology—such as you might find in medical cabinets, electronics cabinets, or wine cabinets—to keep locker compartments chilled to well below the ambient temperature. This technology is noted for its low noise, long operating life, and extremely low maintenance. Alternatives use compressors to facilitate multi-zone temperature control. Either of these insulated options feature low energy consumption and the ability to monitor the temperature of each locker unit. Choose a configuration that best suits the needs of your facility.

Other Smart Locker Applications

smart locker systemBesides refrigerated grocery package pickup, smart lockers benefit a wide variety of applications. Their secure and efficient storage means less work for mailroom and delivery employees, as well as less stress and higher satisfaction for recipients who can be confident that their items are securely stored until they can pick them up at their leisure. Click to learn more about each application below:

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