bank of intelligent parcel delivery lockers in an office buildingLife Without Anytime Package Pickup Parcel Delivery Lockers

You are meeting with an important client tomorrow so they can sign the paperwork to authorize a big deal. This is the make it or break it moment of your career. The big problem is that it’s 4 P.M. and you are in your office, but the paperwork is in the mail. Your only thought is when will the mail be delivered? You keep calling UPS and the mailroom to see if your package has arrived so you can pick it up, but unfortunately no one can give you a straight answer. You keep worrying that UPS has delivered it to the wrong office building or the mailroom attendant misplaced it. At 6 P.M. the mail still hasn’t arrived and everyone is leaving the office, including the mail room attendant. What can you do, it’s not like there is anytime package pickup. You leave for the day hoping that your paperwork will be delivered to you tomorrow before the big meeting at 9 A.M.Pickup packages anytime with intelligent lockers

Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers Allow for Anytime Package Pickup

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when your important paperwork arrives and have it delivered directly to you and only you? Package tracking services only go so far by giving you an estimated delivery time. Sometimes that estimate is wrong and you can’t be there to receive your package. Even though you can’t be there, Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers can be. Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers streamline the delivery of parcel packages and overnight mail to the recipient using high tech automated lockers and allow for anytime package pickup.

How the Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers Work

intelligent parcel delivery lockers let you pick up your package any time you wantThe Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers are a basically a bank of lockers arranged in columns with different size lockers in each column. In the middle of the bank of lockers, there is a computerized touch screen. (View Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers Photo Gallery) When the mail agent comes to drop off your package, they log into the system using the touch screen and the system designates a parcel locker for your package. The mail agent places your package in the locker and the computer system automatically sends you a text or email to notify you that your package has arrived. The text or email includes a onetime unique code that will allow you to access the locker with your package. Now you can retrieve your package anytime you want, and you no longer have to worry about time restrictions, your package being delivered to the wrong office building, or the mailroom attendant misplacing it.

Is Your Office Ready for Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers and Anytime Package Pickup?any time package pickup lockers for large offices

If you are ready to bring peace of mind through anytime package pickup to your office, just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email. We will provide you with expert design and planning assistance to add Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers to your office.