The Problems Universities Face with Student Mail Delivery

touch screen parcel lockers for colleges and their student's mailHandling mail for your students living on campus can be a nightmare. Students running late to pick up packages, long waiting lines, an influx of mail around the holidays, and limited storage space are just some of the issues your university faces. And if the student’s package is unsecured, it runs the risk of getting damaged or stolen, which is not a reputation you want for your college. Click here to learn more about parcel delivery lockers.
With the new university mail services lockers, students can now retrieve their mail – including packages – quickly and conveniently without causing any more headaches. The locker system simplifies mail delivery by allowing students to determine the date and time of pick up. (See videos see videos)

How the University Mail Services Lockers System Works

Here’s how the university mail services lockers work in 4 easy steps:

university mail services lockers for package and mail pickup

  1. All mail addressed to the student is processed by a mail services staff member.
  2. Then it’s placed in a locker (letters, magazines, and packages of any size and shape can be accommodated by the system).
  3. Next, an automatic email is sent to the student with the locker bank location and PIN number.
  4. Once the student locates the locker bank, they type in the PIN on the touch screen and retrieve the mail from the open locker.

Whether students are expecting a care package from home or a textbook they ordered online, the university mail services locker system provides secure storage and easy access to their mail.

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