Spacesaver® Four Post Shelving | 4-Post Adjustable Metal Storage and File Shelving

four-post-steel-shelving-4post-adjustable-storage-heavy-dutyWhether you are storing side tab color coded files or heavy-duty industrial parts, Spacesaver Four Post Shelving will organize your stuff for space efficiency and quick access. (view Four Post Shelving image gallery) Spacesaver 4-Post Adjustable Metal Storage and File Shelving is easily adjustable to meet your unique storage needs. With over 1,200 different shelving accessories Spacesaver Adjustable Metal Storage and File Shelving can store anything from a microchip to a pallet. Below are just a few of the Four Post Shelving accessories available from Spacesaver:

  • Pull-out reference and posting shelves (see photo)
  • Bin dividers (see photo) and label holders
  • VHS and CD storage racks
  • Suspended pockets/hanging folders (see photo)
  • Lockable flipper doors (see photo)
  • Rolling security doors up to 12′ wide
  • Lockable storage and file drawers (see photo)
  • Designer end panels

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See specifications and pricing for four-post file shelving, binder shelving, legal and letter shelving, sliding mobile shelves.
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Spacesaver Four Post Shelving Is Mobile Ready

One of the benefits of using Spacesaver Four Post Shelving is it’s pre-engineered to be placed on high density mobile system rolling carriages. What this means to you is that your investment in Spacesaver Four Post Shelving today will be strong enough and flexible enough to meet all your future needs.

One of the Best Reasons to Purchase Spacesaver Four Post Shelving

One of the best reasons to purchase Spacesaver Four PostShelving is it’s so easy to install. There are no shelving clips to keep up with or special tools required for installation. Practically all of Spacesaver Metal Storage and File Shelving units install using a simple rubber mallet, making adjustments and reconfigurations easy. revit bim models

4-Post Metal Storage and File Shelving Available in Numerous Finishes

Spacesaver 4-Post Adjustable Metal Storage and File Shelving is available in a wide variety of finishes to match your decor. Also, Spacesaver Four Post Shelving has no unsightly exposed holes on the vertical shelving post pieces, making it perfect for use in the office space.

Let Us Help You Organize Your Areas With 4-Post Adjustable Metal Storage and File Shelving

Whether your storage needs are small or large, simple or complex, standard or custom, we will work closely with you to fully understand and satisfy your specific needs and recommend a Four Post Shelving solution to fit your requirements. Call us today 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and one of our professional representatives will contact you to help you get organized for maximum space utilization and quick efficient access.


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