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mail sorting station for office mailroom documents and mailGetting documents to the right people and doing it quickly is essential. But you can’t do this without the right furniture. Mail sorting stations are the ideal solution to help manage and organize literature, mail, forms, and numerous other types of documents. With so many design options available, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your office.

Mail Sorting Station Design Ideas

Mail sorting stations provide maximum sorting capability in a minimal footprint. Build out your mail center, workroom, or copy center with free-standing modules or combine base consoles with top sorting units to achieve a convenient multipurpose workstation with a flat work surface.

Mail sorting stations can also be incorporated into workspace designs for added storage in the office. Base consoles and sort modules can be outfitted with cabinets for additional storage options. A wide array of accessory items – bins, tubs, shelf dividers, display boards – provide complete design flexibility.

Incorporate shelf labels, which are available in color-coding, to keep your area organized and efficient. Select from a wide pallet of colors for laminates, work surfaces, and trim pieces.

Mail Sorting Stations Features and Benefits

Here are just a few of the mail sorting station features and benefits:mail sorting stations storing copy room and office documents

  • Easily Adjustable Shelves: The shelves slide in and out on 1” increments, making opening heights for shelves trouble-free when your mail sorting needs change.
  • Easy to Read Labels: The trays and shelves have full-length name labels that are easy for anyone to read and easy to change.
  • Transparent Shelves: The transparent shelves make it convenient for people to look up and see what documents are stored within the mail sorting station.
  • No Sharp Edges: The mail sorting stations are designed without any sharp edges to protect fast moving hands when sorting mail, documents, and literature.
  • Wide Choice of Colors: The large variety of color finishes will match any office décor.

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