Consolidate Floor Space With Spacesaver® Space Saving Filing Cabinets

space saving filing cabinets storage systemsDiscount Tire, the largest privately owned independent tire dealer network, recently consolidated into a new 150,000 square foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company had experienced rapid growth since its inception and corporate operations tripled in size and spread into multiple buildings. The new building was designed to consolidate staff, equipment and files from five buildings into one central facility. The new space was carefully designed to be energy efficient while accommodating future growth. The company utilized a combination of document management strategies and shelving storage systems to help achieve its goals.

“All of our departments function differently, so we needed to provide a different filing solution to meet their unique needs,” explained the Assistant VP of Administration.

Document management strategies:energy efficient space saving filing cabinets

  • – Five high density mobile systems – legal, accounts payable, accounting, human resource departmental files, as well as the wheels department for storing literature
  • – 325 custom tower storage cabinets – workstations for task files
  • – Imaging – retail receipts, invoices

Consolidation with Space Saving Filing Cabinets

The company’s workstations were very paper intensive and the goal in the workspace redesign was to increase storage capacity within the same footprint. Our team worked with Discount Tire to develop a customized Spacesaver ActiveStor tower cabinet that met almost all of the customer’s task filing storage needs. The file cabinets include three high-capacity file drawers offering 44 inches of filing space each – nearly 50 percent more capacity than traditional filing cabinet drawers – and a top shelf cabinet that is used to store binders two rows deep. The added filing and storage capacity eliminated the need for a pedestal, a two-drawer lateral cabinet and reduced the number of overhead storage compartments from two to one. The only other storage added to the workspace was a pencil drawer with a hidden back compartment for personal items.

space saving filing cabinets“The Spacesaver towers offered us something new and different, while providing functionality.” “We looked at other storage solutions, including traditional filing solutions, but when we saw the tower, we loved it.” Assistant VP of Administration

Spacesaver High Density Shelving Storage Systems

To meet the company’s goal to conserve on space in the new building, the departments that did not use document imaging incorporated a high density shelving storage system to store files and other materials. In the Legal, Accounting and Wheels departments mechanical assisted high density filing cabinets were utilized. In the Human Resource and Accounts Payable departments, where record pulls are more frequent, high density powered systems were used to increase safety and help make the work less burdensome. Wood-match laminate end panels, were used in several departments to blend with the warm cherry interior decor. Our team also provided all of the filing conversion services and filing supplies to convert several departments from top-tab files to side-tab shelf-oriented files and helped to design a color coding system to make filing more efficient.

The client was happy with the service and ease of working with a single source for all of their storage and filing needs. “It was very convenient to work with one vendor on all of our storage needs. We discussed our goals and they did all of the space planning, product design and installation,” she said.

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