printing software for file folder labels

color coded label printing software for file folder & end tab labelsIf you’re still using sticky labels and word processing applications for file folder labeling, your information management system is not as efficient as it could be. On-demand color coded name label print software for file folder and end tab folder labels can be printed from your own printer and save you money and time. Watch the video above to see how.

how the printing software works

On-demand color coded name label print software is a quick and cost-effective way to print one long color coded name label for top tab folder labels, end tab folder labels, and multi-use labels from your own printer. There are nearly unlimited options for the types of labels you can print. The software allows you to choose one of the standard label designs or design your own label that meets your unique label requirements. Once you’ve chosen a standard label design or customized one for your unique needs (contact us for assistance), log onto the software program with your username and password. The label print software is customized to match your label designs and print your file folder labels from the data you type into the system fields. Just type in the data for each field, pressing tab or clicking to move onto the next field. Once all the data is entered, click on the “Print Preview” button to preview and print a single label. The software’s spreadsheet function can also be used to enter data for multiple labels or import data from spreadsheets or databases to print batches of labels. After processing the data, click “Page Preview” to view all your labels before printing. From here you can review, edit, insert, and delete data before printing the labels.on demand file folder label printing software

On-demand color coded name label print software is the smart solution to help you speed retrieval, reduce costs, improve customer service, promote integrity and risk management, and help you preserve and protect your information. Just open the application, type in your information, print, and apply your labels to start experiencing the efficiency and increased productivity of your new system within days.

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If you’re ready to optimize your filing system, Southwest Solutions Group® can help you design a one-piece color-coded label for your file folders and end tab folders and provide you with the tools you need to print your labels from your own printer with on-demand color coded name label print software. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a specialist today.