modular walls mix modern and traditional design for offices and conference roomsWhen an independent full-service bank opened a new branch in a renovated historical building, they wanted the interior to complement the exterior. Because the bank focuses on business customers, they knew a clean, streamlined appearance was what they needed. Modular walls offered the interior solution they were looking for. The modular walls were used to beautifully define space for both private offices and conference rooms.

Specific Goals the Bank Wanted to Accomplish in the New Space

The bank had several very specific goals they wanted to achieve in the new interior space:

  • Create an attractive, upscale environment that combines a modern attitude with a traditional feel.
  • Provide a welcoming environment to reflect the personalized approach to their customers.
  • Create a functional workspace that supports the needs of a private financial services business.
  • Use sustainable products to reduce waste and save time.

Modular Walls Excel in Both Form and Function for the Bank

priviate offices are defined by modular walls with glass panelsThe modular walls were used to create upscale private offices, perfect for consulting with customers; the walls allow light to fill the room while still offering the visual and auditory privacy required. Additionally, modular walls were used to design several conference areas.

The custom wall design includes a mixture of different height panels and glazing choices to meet the bank’s needs. The solid panels reflect a more traditional look while the glass keeps the space open and modern. And since the walls are movable, the bank can re-define their space at any time without the need for costly construction.

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