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Last updated: April 07, 2017

Moving Racks on Rails Solves Hospital Orthopedic Center Storage Problem

Hospital Orthopedic Center Storage

Moving Racks on Rails increases the storage capacity of hospital’s Orthopedic Center. A local hospital's Orthopedic Center had a large amount of medical products scattered throughout the facility, which made the daily inventory process very cumbersome and time consuming. The hospital needed a storage system that would be able to increase their storage capacity and be able to store various types of orthopedic equipment including, crutches, traction equipment, and associated supplies. The solution to all their storage problem was a Moving Racks on Rails Storage System from Spacesaver®.

Unique Features of the Orthopedic Center’s Moving Racks Shelf System

hospital moving racks on rails for orthopedic storage

The Moving Racks on Rails doubled the storage space in the Orthopedic Department allowing the hospital to consolidate several storage areas into one centralize storage system. Having one centralized area for orthopedic equipment reduced operating expenses by maximizing the use of available floor space and minimizing staff costs associated with the management of inventory. Some of the other features and benefits of the Moving Racks on Rails were:

  • The Moving Racks on Rails provided 32% additional storage room for product growth
  • Innovative storage devices were installed for hard to store items like crutches and wheelchairs
  • The Moving Racks on Rails provided safe efficient access for staff along with the ability to lock the storage system
  • Improved order delivery times to customers
  • Improved inventory tracking and security by limiting the number of storage areas to manage

Designing and Installing Moving Racks on Rails for Your Hospital

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of healthcare storage professionals have been designing and installing all types of storage and filing Moving Racks on Rails for hospitals since 1969. Our storage specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your storage area and provide innovative solutions to make your facility space efficient and personnel productive. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to set up a free 30 minute storage analysis of your area today.


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