Sterile Surgical Instrument Storage & Transport

surgical instrument kit storageWhen it comes to preparing for surgery, there are numerous recommended and required practices that must be followed in order to maintain a sterile and hygienic environment to keep patients safe and staff efficient. With many of these practices in place, it’s difficult to keep track of everything and use your storage area to its full potential. That’s why now there’s an all-in-one solution for wrapped surgical instrument kit storage. This system saves space, promotes sterility, and requires no stacking of kits to prevent tears in blue wrap. Click here to learn more about sterile instrument storage.  Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.)

Maintaining Sterility of Wrapped Instruments

According to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), sterile storage must follow numerous requirements: free revit family download sterile wrapped instrument trays

  • Sterilized packages should be handled as little as possible
  • Sterile items should be stored at least 8″-10″ above the floor and 18″ below ceiling or level of sprinklers
  • Items should be positioned so packaging is not crushed, bent, compressed, or punctured
  • Heavy instrument trays should be stored on middle shelves for ease of handling, but not stacked
  • Transport trays with solid or perforated bottoms may be used to prevent tears in wraps during handling
  • Adequate space is needed around sterile materials to allow for air circulation

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Stainless steel products, sterile core storage racks, basket drawer racks, hospital carts, stainless surgery packing tables.

The surgical instrument kit storage is a solution that meets all of these requirements and makes it easy to maintain sterility throughout the handling process. Though the system is designed to work together, the components can be rolled out over time so you can spread your investments. The complete system includes:

  • Stainless steel instrument trays for storing blue wrap instrument kits
  • Perforation-safe transport wire baskets or shelves with no hard edges or corners that can cause tears in wrapping
  • Open or closed transport carts
  • Modular storage shelving with space for each trayno stacking to tear wrapped surgical instruments

Cost & Time Savings with Patient Protection

Each individual product provides a space for each instrument kit, which means you don’t need to stack the kits on top of each other. When the wrapped kits need to be retrieved, the perforation-safe wire shelves slide out so it doesn’t have to be manually handled. The wrapped kits stay in the tray until it reaches the operating room.

Having a surgical instrument kit storage system that works with you leads to cost and time savings (as instrument sets don’t need to be re-processed since perforations and tears are much less likely), increased satisfaction of surgeons and staff due to fewer delays caused by the last-minute discovery of damage, and a significant increase in patient safety since instruments stay sterilized and require much less manual handling.

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