The Next Generation in Inventory Management for Hospital Materials Managers

rfid technology for hospital materials managers

The RFID Digital Inventory Management System offers hospital materials managers an easy and extremely efficient solution for automating medical supply inventory management. The system combines two-bin Kanban storage with RFID technology and cloud-based software to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled tags; run regular restocking reports; or send automated restocking requests as they occur to the hospital ERP systems. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

How Does the RFID Digital Inventory Management System Work?

The RFID Digital Inventory Management System can be used in the OR supply room, pharmacy, nursing supply storage room, and other locations medical supplies are stored. Medical supplies are kept in two bins: a primary bin and a secondary bin. This Kanban system is equipped with an RFID digital restocking tag. Once the quantity in the primary bin is used and a restock is needed, a nurse slides the label from “in-stock” to “out of stock.” While the nurses are waiting for supplies to be restocked by the hospital materials managers, they use items from the secondary bin. A notification is sent to the materials manager or team in central supply and the staff replenishes items in both bins.


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What are the Benefits to Using the RFID Digital Inventory Management System?

rfid digital inventory management systemThe RFID Digital Inventory Management System offers many benefits to hospital materials managers including,

  • 40 % onetime reduction in supply room inventory
  • Eliminates manual counting & stock-outs
  • Reduces waste with right-size inventory
  • Improves availability of supplies
  • Eliminates cards, stickers, or printers
  • Reduces management costs
  • Updates at a click of a button
  • Digital, real-time order status display
  • Automatic identification of the staff
  • Monitors room temperature and humidity
  • Fits any storage across the hospital
  • Adapts to all supply changes

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