RFID Kanban 2-Bin Baskets for PAR Supplies

rfid kanban 2 bin basket hospital par inventory managementRFID Kanban 2-bin basket systems improve hospital PAR inventory management and stock replenishment by allowing staff to quickly locate and label stock for replacement. With its easy-to-use RFID labels and 2-bin stock methods, staff members spend less time searching for and managing materials and avoiding stock-outs, overstocks, or misplaced supplies. Click here to watch a video showing how the 2-bin Kanban basket system works. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.
The RFID Kanban system is comprised of high density basket storage with barcode scanners and Cloud-based software that does most of the work for you. Each basket is divided in half with available and backup stock. The basket compartments have a unique barcode location that is matched to an item in the database. Additionally, a colored label system makes it easy to distinguish between supplies for surgical procedures, IVs/needles, lab testing, wound care dressing, hygiene, and much more.
When it’s time to manage inventory, supply techs only need to look for the empty compartments that indicate an item that needs to be re-ordered. This system allows supply techs to scan, pick, and restock up to 70% fewer items per day. It also ensures that nurses always have supplies ready by keeping back-up stock in the rear compartments. Since nurses spend at least 5-20% of their time looking for and retrieving supplies, this efficient system can allow them to spend more time on patient care.
hospital par inventory management stock replenishment

How the RFID 2-Bin Baskets Work

  1. The process begins with a fully stocked basket
  2. Clinicians retrieve supplies from the front bin while the rear bin houses back-up supplies
  3. The clinician who takes the last item simply moves the slider to the red label, which indicates that the item is on-order
  4. Back-up stock is available in rear bin while the supplies are on-order
  5. Supply tech delivers replenishment order and rotates the remaining stock from the rear to front baskets
  6. RFID slider is moved to the left (green label) to indicate that supplies are in stock
  7. New supplies are placed in the rear bin

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