Surgical Supply Storage Moving Shelving System

Moving Shelving System Solves Hospital Operating Room Surgical Supply Storage Problem

A Moving Shelving System solves a Hospital Operating Room Surgical Supply Storage problem. An increase in surgical procedures and the lack of storage space caused a local hospital to have to buy surgical supplies more frequently to keep up with demand. The hospital was having to order surgical supplies more frequently and was also concerned about not having needed supplies on hand. The hospital decided to implement a new Moving Shelving System to increase the amount of surgical supplies stored in the operating room area to meet their growing needs. Also, they wanted to be able to buy supplies in bulk to reduce costs. The solution to their problems was a Moving Shelving System. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.)

Unique Features of the Hospital Operating Room’s Moving Shelving System


The Moving Shelving System increased the surgical supply storage by 80% without the need for additional floor space. Other features of the Hospital Operating Room’s Moving Shelving System were:

  • Angled wire shelving so supplies would feed to the front of the shelf for quick picking and inventory management
  • Smooth wheel movement to ensure shelving moved safely and easily with no binding
  • Easy visibility of materials by using existing lights to view equipment

Benefits of the Hospital Operating Room’s Moving Shelving System

Hospital Operating Room Surgical Supply Storage

Here are just some of the benefits the hospital experienced with their Moving Shelving System:

  • Increased their storage in the operating theater by 80%
  • Decreased cost of buying surgical supplies by 46% due to bulk buying
  • Organized shelves to assure easy access to fast-moving surgical products
  • Increased efficiency because items can be stored on hand and with no wasted space
  • Easy in and out access to surgical supplies
  • Provided room for future growth

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Designing and Installing Moving Shelving Systems for Hospital Operating Room Surgical Supply Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of healthcare storage professionals have been designing and installing Moving Shelving Systems for hospital operating room surgical supply storage since 1969. Our storage specialists have the knowledge and experience to analyze your problem and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions that will meet all your storage requirements. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to set up a free 30 min storage analysis with a healthcare storage specialist today.