Pharmacy Narcotics Safe for Storing and Protecting Drugs and Medications

Drug Storage Locker cabinet securing dangerous medications

Secure and protect dangerous narcotics in a Pharmacy Narcotics Safe. These Drug Storage Lockers come complete with a keyless audit tracking software system to document user activity. These narcotic safes were developed by the pharmacy of a major grocery store chain to safeguard against both in-house theft from employees and outside thieves breaking and entering after the store closes. After purchasing and installing several Pharmacy Narcotics Safes, the grocery store chain has not experienced any break-ins or losses due to theft.

Pharmacy Narcotics Safe Development Criteria

You can be assured that this drug storage locker will work for your application because it was designed and tested by a pharmacy. The pharmacy had specific design criteria for narcotics safes that included,

  • Strong and durable steel cabinet construction to prevent intruders from breaking in
  • A dependable and reliable locking system
  • A audit trail management control system to track employee access to the narcotics safe
  • A keyless locking system to designate and limit authorized access to the drug locker
  • A theft proof mounting method to secure the drug storage locker to the floor or counter
  • An interior organization system including drawers and dividers to keeping medications organized for easy access
  • The ability to store large and small containers, and pharmacy files and records

Narcotics Safe Keyless Software System Creates an Audit Trail for Enhanced Security

Entry into the narcotics safe first requires the opening of a mechanical manager’s key lock. Once open, access is granted after the correct digital code is entered into the electronic lock. With every entry, an audit trail is recorded by the lock with information date, and time or entry. Every transaction via the keyless software lock will be recorded, enabling an audit trail that is irrefutable.

The door lock has a manager mode with the ability to add up to eight additional users. The managers mechanical key lock core is changeable. The lock also has a time delay ability. In addition, the audit trail is capable of recording 512 events.

Construction Specifications for the Drug Storage Lockermedication drug locker safe with audit trail tracking

  • Outer case construction made of heavy duty 16-gauge Cold Rolled Steel
  • Cabinet doors and D-Wall made of 14-gauge cold rolled steel (double wall construction) and mounted using full-length piano hinges for maximum door rigidity and security
  • Heavy-duty 3-point locking system for enhanced security
  • Seven full extension pull out shelves made of 18-gauge steel
  • One full extension legal size file drawer made of 18-gauge steel
  • Welded at stress points for enhanced rigidity

The Drug Storage Locker Shelves, Drawers, Slides, and Cabinet Features

  • Four adjustable leg levelers (standard)
  • Four anchor points for floor bolting (optional)
  • Four 3/8″ diameter top anchoring holes (for under-counter mounting)
  • Adjustable dividers in 1/2′ increments
  • Full extension, progressive ball bearing drawer slides with a 150lb. rating