When properly installed, Southwest Solutions Group’s DEA cage meets the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) requirements for the physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls.

This drug storage application of Southwest Solutions DEA cages is ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, distribution centers, record storage, drug warehouses, and much more. We are professionals at compliance.

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DEA Compliant Storage Cages – An Overview

DEA Cages for Public SafetyThe DEA-compliant pharmacy drug storage cages have several vital requirements that differentiate them from typical tool and maintenance storage cages.

All doors must be self-closing, and self-locking and hinged doors close with hydraulics. Standard Southwest Solutions mortise locks meet the DEA’s requirements.

Sliding doors up to 80 square feet in size and balanced with counterweights for easy operation. The sliding doors are pulled open, and the offsets automatically bring the door back to the closed and locked position.

Electric door openers with a timer and electric eye for safety are available for sliding doors over 80 square feet. Click here to view DEA-compliant storage cage videos.

DEA storage cages for public safetyThe pharmaceutical wire partitions are flush with the floor in the DEA-compliant pharmacy drug storage cages. Only the doors are allowed a small clearance from the bottom to operate freely.

Wire cages must consist of wire mesh ceiling panels, or the cage must go up to the existing roof structure. All hardware must also be brazed or pinned according to the DEA so the cage cannot disassemble.

Southwest Solutions Group pharmaceutical wire partitions are the best choice for a DEA-approved application. The tubular post uprights have a welded base plate rather than a floor socket and are pre-drilled, so the panels mount flush to the floor.

All the installation and assembly hardware is already inside the cage, making it secure and inaccessible from the outside. The cage includes a wire mesh ceiling with self-closing and self-locking hinged doors. Click to see budget pricing and Revit downloads.

DEA Cage ApplicationsDEA wire partition drug cage for public safety

Cannabis Industry – Concerns about the drug’s safety have grown due to more states legalizing medical marijuana use. Facilities bringing high-quality, large-scale farming and industrial extraction processes to the industry have popped up rapidly. With site construction still in progress, one facility needed a solution that could protect goods harvested from agricultural farmland.

Controlled Substances – Controlled substance drug storage cages offer high physical security that matches DEA standards with proper installation. Made from durable wire mesh construction, security fencing panels mount to posts flush with the floor to create a secure space that keeps high-risk medications safe. Stored items get locked behind a barrier that extends up to the ceiling to discourage tampering from the personnel while staying visible to ensure inventory control. Their use is perfect for wholesale distribution centers and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Drug Evidence Storage – Ventilated wire mesh DEA cages provide a safe, secure way to store bulky police narcotic packages<. These lockable units are enclosed from every angle and made strong to protect the integrity of their contents. Its flattened, expanded diamond design leaves enough space for air to circulate back and forth, so drug paraphernalia receives proper ventilation and prevents odor from building up. It also keeps fingers out, limiting the risk of evidence tampering or theft and preserving the “chain of custody.” See more police storage products.

Pharmacy – The pharmacy must secure the medicines according to the pharmaceutical drug laws. The DEA cage must secure drugs in a wire partition cage compliant with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) rigorous standards. The DEA cages and wire partitions meet the US DEA’s requirements for the physical security of Schedule III through V class controlled substances as outlined in Title 21, CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls. The drug storage application of the pharmaceutical wire partitions is ideal for applications in pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, drug distribution centers, record storage areas, drug warehouses, and more.

Leaders in DEA Cage Security

The DEA-approved cages are flush mounted to the floor of the facility and reach the roof deck of the building that goes 40 feet high.

Since the DEA requires a maximum 1″ gap, the wire partition panels had to be notched to fit around the ceiling beams.

The large sliding door in the enclosure was equipped with an electric motor with a timer to prevent automatic closing to meet federal standards.

First, install the DEA Cage, then the hardware is brazed so that no nut none could remove a nut from any bolt.

The DEA cage fits well within the DEA regulations because all of the hardware is by default located inside the cage for maximum security.

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“Southwest Solutions is highly professional and knowledgeable in the area of digital scanning. My organization has been working with SSG on scanning your highly sensitive and complex records. Their expertise has been extraordinarily beneficial to us as nobody in our organization has any knowledge of this process. They were able to easily guide us through the process, ask us the right questions and explain the pros and cons to help us decide how to complete this project. I would STRONGLY recommend SSG for anyone who is considering digitizing records.”

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