The Importance of Sterile Storage

In medical facilities, labs, and hospitals, sterile storage is a must. Equipment has to be as clean as possible to prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). How can medical facilities ensure that they are keeping their equipment germ-free? The answer is sterile stock storage. Southwest Solutions Group® offers several sterile storage products, including sterile core racks and stainless recessed cabinets, that can help hospitals keep their patients healthy.


Why Sterile Storage Is Critical in Medical Environments


It’s essential to maintain clean equipment when you’re in an environment that attracts the sick or immunocompromised. Germs spread by employees, patients, or visiting family members can cause patients to get sicker or even die.


By investing in sterile storage, medical facilities can lower their rates of HAIs and reduce their patient liability. The right sterile supply storage can also keep supplies well-organized, so employees can quickly and easily grab the equipment they need. During surgery, every moment of delay in finding the right equipment can cost hospitals and patients big.


Understanding Sterile Storage Solutions


What type of sterile stock storage products are available to hospitals and medical facilities? vizient


Sterile Instrument Carts


Packed surgical kits are used all the time in medical facilities, but the more employees handle the kits, the likelier they are to be damaged. Perforated kits must be re-sterilized, which can be expensive and time-consuming. A sterile instrument cart makes it easy for nurses and medical staff to transport kits through an office or surgical ward without handling the kits and risking damage.


Sterile Core Stainless Steel Cabinets


Stainless steel is one of the best options for storing sterile items. Stainless steel is not porous, meaning germs and other contaminants can’t settle into invisible nooks and crannies. Stainless steel can also hold up to cleaning with harsh chemicals. Stainless steel medical cabinets are ideal for storing surgery kits and other supplies in sterile core areas of a hospital.


Sterile Core Surgical Kit Wrapping Table


Surgical kits need to be continuously assembled so doctors and medical staff have the supplies they require to care for patients. A surgical kit wrapping table gives nurses and medical staff a safe and effective place to prepare surgical kits. Additionally, high-density storage shelves can be a good option for storing surgical kits.


Where to Invest in Sterile Supply Storage


When you need central sterile supply storage, work with a company you can trust. At Southwest Solutions, we’ve been providing storage solutions for over 50 years. That includes sterile storage options for hospitals, medical offices, labs, operating rooms, surgery storage companies, and more. We believe that healthy patients are happy patients. Contact us today to get a price quote on sterile stock storage products.