Pharmacy Storage Shelving and Modular Casework Cabinet Solutions

pharmacy-modular-casework-cabinets-overhead-slanted-shelvesWe provide Storage Shelving and Modular Casework Cabinets for pharmacies. Our pharmacy solutions are designed to bring pharmaceuticals closer to the point of use to streamline the flow of materials while saving valuable floor space. We design and install Storage Shelving and Modular Casework Cabinets to enhance organization and storage in pharmaceutical processing and drug storage areas. Our pharmacy storage solutions include all types of innovative space-saving pharmacy Storage Shelving and Modular Casework Cabinets. Click here to learn more about modular casework. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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Modular Casework Cabinets for Compound Sterile Preparation Areas

We specialize in providing Modular Casework Cabinets for chemical prep rooms, sterilization rooms, and substance compounding areas. We also provide layout and design assistance for your compound sterile preparation and sterile processing storage areas. Click here to learn more about space-saving pharmacy storage solutions. 

Numerous Pharmacy Storage Shelving Solutions

high-capacity-pharmacy-storage-shelving-racks-cabinets-shelvesBelow are some of the types of Storage Shelving we offer that will help your pharmacy save space and achieve USP 797 compliance.

  • Pharmacy bulk storage shelving
  • High density pharmacy shelving
  • Pharmacy wire shelving and carts
  • Pharmacy stainless steel modular tables and cabinets

Pharmacy Storage Shelving and Modular Casework Cabinet Design and Installation Services

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of healthcare storage professionals are experts in designing and planning efficient pharmacy storage areas. We have the knowledge and experience to analysis yourpharmacy and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions that will save floor space and increase productivity.

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