Pharmacy Storage Sliders

sliding-pharmacy-storage-shelving-unitsPharmacy Storage Sliders are specially designed sliding cabinets and shelves that will maximize pharmaceutical storage. They work to store pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies in bins, on open shelving, or in secured drawers. The shelving is then placed on a sliding track system two or three deep. The Pharmacy Storage Sliders work by placing rows of shelving one in front of the other with the back shelves sitting on the floor and the front shelves on moving wheels that roll on tracks from left to right or vice versa. There is always at least one less shelf in front so that you can access the row behind. Also, locking security doors can be placed on thePharmacy Storage Sliders for added security. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing. Click here to learn more about space-saving pharmacy storage solutions. 

Converting your stationary shelves to Pharmacy Storage Sliders frees up approximately 40% of your floor space. They also save time and increase productivity because you can keep frequently used medicine and supplies in the front and slower moving items in the back.

RxStor Pull Out Cabinets

RxStor Pull Out Cabinets condense stored pharmaceuticals and supplies into less floor space while keeping frequently used medicines closer to work counters. RxStor Pull Out Cabinets reclaim floor space by eliminating empty access aisles found in traditional stationary pharmacy storage shelving. The fast moving medicines and medical supplies are organized on open shelving closest to the point of use while the slower moving pharmaceuticals and supplies are stored in the nested RxStor Pull Out Cabinets that roll out from the wall on tracks. The RxStor Pull Out Cabinets increase the storage capacity of pharmaceutical and medical supplies while saving valuable floor space and increasing productivity of pharmacists.

RX Pharmacy Storage Cabinets with ControLOC™ Technology


Secure narcotics, pharmaceuticals, medications, and drugs with RX Pharmacy Storage Cabinets with ControLOC Technology. These cabinets allow only authorized employees to access highly controlled medications. The ControLOC security system monitors and controls access to pharmaceuticals and other high value prescriptions, prior to patient delivery. The cabinets can be placed next to the patient pick-up counter and stocked daily with narcotics and meds from the pharmacy vault. The RX Pharmacy Storage Cabinets improve efficiencies in the pharmacy for both the staff and the patients. Employees won’t have to run back and forth from the vault to the patient pick-up counter, which means that pharmacies can serve more customers.

RX Pharmacy Storage Cabinets are equipped with electro-mechanical locks that can be accessed with a PIN, access card or both, which ensures that only authorized employees will have access to the stored medicines and drugs. The cabinets are especially ideal for high volume pharmacies and pharmacies with patient populations that are at high-risk for dependencies.

Pharmacy Storage Sliders, RxStor Pull Out Cabinets, and RX Pharmacy Storage Cabinets

Southwest Solutions Group® designs and builds innovative storage systems for clinical, compounding, retail, and hospital pharmacies. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and to design efficient work spaces. Our pharmacy solutions organize pharmaceuticals and supplies closer to the point of use to improve processing times and space efficiencies.

Pharmacy Storage Design and Installation Services

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