Stainless steel shelf rack resists corrosion & promotes good hygiene

stainless steel shelf rackThe freestanding stainless steel shelf rack features durable construction that resists corrosion build up and promotes good hygiene. Each configuration comes with adjustable wire shelves to create a hospital sterile area storage solution that reduces dust while accommodating medical supplies in efficient space. Its design provides an attractive and clean look favored among healthcare applications who require a sanitary method to store inventory.

Stainless steel shelf rack starter & add-on units

This stainless steel shelf rack comes in starter and add-on units. Starter options include four posts and shelves that install on 1″ centers to create optimal storage conditions. Add-on units come with two posts and two “S” hook clips to secure shelves onto the side of the adjacent unit’s shelf. They work well when installing all the shelves at the same level of the adjacent unit. Using all starter units will ensure complete and independent shelf adjustability over all shelving.

Stainless steel shelf rack design & construction features

adjustable wire shelves hospital sterile area storageSpecific design and construction features that relate to the stainless steel shelf rack include:

  • Posts are numbered in 1″ (25mm) increments to ensure fast assembly and include leveling feet to compensate for unlevel floor surfaces.
  • Shelf clips are tapered split sleeves made from temperature resistant plastic to create a positive lock that becomes stronger as the load on the shelf increases.
  • The adjustable wire shelves allow light and air to pass through to provide better visibility and ventilation. Those same shelves also prevent moisture and dust build-up while guaranteeing increased effectiveness of fire-suppression systems.
  • Available finishes include chrome, zinc, anti-microbial, gray epoxy, green epoxy, and stainless steel. All epoxy finishes are approved to accommodate wet or dry applications.
  • To assemble snap the split sleeve clips onto the post and slide the shelf’s collar over the split sleeves. A positive lock between shelf and post gets created without using any tools.


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Hospital sterile area storage shelves weight capacity

The adjustable wire shelves that combine with the stainless steel shelf rack to create hospital sterile area storage can accommodate hundreds of pounds in weight capacity. The exact amount varies based on the shelf width used. Shelving options that measure up to 48″ wide can support up to 800 pounds per shelf based on even weight distribution. Those measuring over 48″ wide accommodate up to 600 pounds per shelf with even weight distribution. Posts come in sets of four that can hold as much as 2,400 pounds. 

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