High-Yield Cannabis Storage

high yield cannabis marijuana plant room compact racksMore and more manufacturers are starting or expanding their cannabis growing applications for medical and recreational use. This also means that these manufacturers require more storage space for growing operations, especially since marijuana plants require specialized care. To combat rising costs and provide cannabis plants with the specialized care they need, vertical growing storage racks provide high-yield cannabis plant room storage that allows full access while saving space. Watch the video above to see how this solution provided high-yield growth to a growing company in Colorado. Click to learn how movable lights increase efficiency in commercial cannabis grow rooms.

Vertical Growing Racks for Marijuana Plant Rooms

marijuana plant room vertical growing storage racks

Originally designed for industrial applications, these compact racks provide the heavy-duty storage needed for cannabis growing companies. The system works by mounting shelving on heavy-duty carriages that move back and forth along rails installed on the floor. Mechanical-assist handles or push-button operation allows users to open individual aisles to tend to plants. This drastically reduces space that would normally be taken up by static storage since it eliminates the need for extra aisle space between racks, instead allowing users to access what they need when they need it. The aisles are also wide enough to allow staff to work on both sides of each growing area for maximum space optimization.

The vertical growing storage racks not only eliminate wasted space but also encourage airflow, allow optimal light exposure to maximize bud formation, and make it easy for staff to access plants quickly and ergonomically. The high-yield growing racks are also available with multiple options like LED lights, stainless steel, and more. Click here to see more about the vertical storage racks.

The plant room vertical growing racks provide many other benefits for cannabis storage, including:

  • Space optimization
  • Higher yields
  • Durability
  • Phased installations
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Code compliance

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