Automated Hospital Supply Chain Storage & Retrieval

supply chain automated storage systemWith an increasing focus on supply storage and logistics in hospitals, there’s also an increasing need for the efficient use of space. Managing supplies across multiple departments can also be a difficult task that can take up staff’s valuable time. A supply chain automated storage system through multiple floors applies hospital lean principles to ensure supplies are handled safely, cleanly, quickly, and in a fraction of the space of traditional shelving. Click here to learn more about automated storage. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Storage Systems Through Multiple Floors

Supply chain automated storage systems extend over up to six floors and can be built up to 98 feet high with dimensions adapted to your individual hospital. The system is easy to use and eliminates the need for staff to travel up and down stairs or elevators to retrieve supplies, which wastes precious time. (See videos See videos)

Hospital supplies are stored in the lowest floor of the enclosed unit. The vertical system extends up through multiple floors with an access opening on each floor. Users simply push a button on the access opening to indicate what supplies they need, and the system automatically travels up to the correct floor to deliver the supply tray where it’s stored.

Once staff members have logged into the system, they only have access to goods within their department that they’re authorized to use. This means multiple users while still maintaining security and allows the automated storage system to be used as central storage, a depot for individual departments, and a transport unit all in one. The system can even regulate the climate, temperature, and air humidity within the units for applications such as clean rooms.

Automated Supply Chain System Benefits

With a supply chain automated storage system in your hospital, you can experience benefits such as:

  • Space savings: One automated storage system that’s 82 feet high with five access openings occupies 32 feet of floor space, provides 6,458 ft² of storage space, and has a volume of 990 ft².hospital medical lean principle automated supply storage
  • Authorized access: Hospital goods are only accessible by staff members who have to log in to access them.
  • Greater efficiency: Since supplies are automatically transported from storage to department, staff quickly retrieve what they need in less time.
  • Supports the Lean principle: By cutting out unnecessary time and effort that uses resources, hospitals can use the Lean principles to provide better care.
  • Increased space for patients: Since the automated system saves so much space, it can be used as a storeroom for departments to free up more space for patients.
  • Improved ergonomics: Supplies are delivered to staff at an ergonomically appropriate level, eliminating bending, twisting, or lifting motions that can cause injury.

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