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Last updated: April 07, 2017

Powered Mobile Shelving Solves Army Hospital Central Supply Storage Problem

Push button powered Mobile Shelving for central supply storage

Powered Mobile Shelving helps Army Hospital Central Supply Storage reduce labor costs. An Army Hospital was facing many space problems with their hospital central supply storage. Insufficient storage capacity forced hospital officials to store additional equipment and supplies in a warehouse at another facility over 140 miles away. This caused increased cost of renting additional space and increased cost in labor due to travel time, fuel, and off-site inventory assessment and control. The army hospital wanted a new storage system that would increase on-site storage capacity so supplies could be kept on hand. In addition, they wanted to decrease the cost and manpower required to complete supply replenishment of the hospital. The solution to the army hospital’s problem was Powered Mobile Shelving.

Features and Benefits of Army Hospital Central Supply Powered Mobile Shelving

Powered Mobile Shelving for Army Hospital Central Supply Storage

The installation of the Powered Mobile Shelving increased the storage capacity of the original Central Supply storage area by 80%, eliminating the need for the additional warehouse facility 140 miles away. Other feature and benefits of the Powered Mobile Shelving included:

  • The new Power Mobile Shelving also decreased labor costs, time, and fuel costs to transport supplies from the additional storage facility.
  • Central Supply products were stored at the point of use, improving response times and customer service
  • Refrigerated storage area was doubled
  • Powered shelving trollies with push-button controls for easy smooth movement of 45' long rows of shelving.
  • Automatic safety features to protect users and materials in the Powered Mobile Shelving
  • Provided for future growth

Designing and Installing Powered Mobile Shelving for Army Hospital Central Supply Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of storage professionals have been designing and installing Powered Mobile Shelving for hospital central supply storage since 1969. Our storage specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your storage area and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions that save time and space. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to set up a free 30 minute storage analysis of your facility today.