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Last updated: July 06, 2020

Kanban Two Bin Supply System for Maintaining Nursing Supplies

Two Bin Supply System for Nursing Supplies Kanban or Par inventory managementSouthwest Solutions Group® offers Kanban two bin supply system as a better hospital inventory method to managing critical nursing supplies. The Kanban two bin supply system is part of a medical shelving system that stocks a variety of nursing supplies in a partitioned bin or two separate bins. A black RFID-enabled StockCard (item card) is placed in the front of each nursing supply bin – each StockCard is specific to each medical supply item/bin. When the last item in the primary bin is consumed, the user removes the StockCard and drops the card into the intelligent StockBox. The StockBox automatically sends a request the server, indicating the specific nursing supply item in that particular room requires replenishment. When the black StockCard is removed from the bin, a red “restock in process” card remains, indicating the particular nursing supply item has a restock request in process. Nurses now use the stock remaining in the secondary bin until supplies are replenished. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

When the supply clerk comes to replenish the nursing supply stock, they unlock the StockBox and the StockCards are retrieved. The StockCard for the new supplies is waved over the StockBox reader and returned to the supply bin along with the the new medical supplies. Any remaining nursing supplies in the secondary bin are moved to the primary bin and the new supplies are placed in the secondary bin to complete the process. (Kanban two bin medical supply system images)

The Par Inventory Supply System for Maintaining Nursing Supplies

Par vs Kanban for managing costs of Hospital nursing supplies and medical Inventory

The Par inventory method involves a supply staff member scanning or counting all the nursing supplies with a hand-held scanning device or clip board. The supply clerk notes any nursing supplies that need to be replenished, or “brought up to par”, and then refills the bins on another trip, usually within the same day. If the nursing supplies run out during the day because of a higher usage rate than expected, someone will notify the material management department to have them make an accelerated delivery of the supplies. The concept is built on this not happening very often because the daily inventory check will be enough to handle variability of usage.

Benefits of Using the Kanban Two Bin Supply System Over the Par System

There are numerous benefits to using the Kanban two bin supply system over the par system including a decrease in the number of resupply trips, eliminating daily inventory counts, a probable decline in overall inventory levels, and a reduction in supply shortages. A par system requires too much labor to permit frequent replenishment cycles without maxing out your material management budget. On the other hand, Kanban doesn’t necessitate daily counting, eliminates guesstimating of nursing supplies quantities, creates a standardized supply replenishment process, and allows for a more replenishment cycles without increasing material handling costs.

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