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Storing & Retrieving Medical Tissue Inventory

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An east coast non-profit tissue bank strives to improve the quality of human life by providing desired material (tissue, bones, organs, etc.) when and where it’s needed. When they ran out of space to meet demands, the company turned to vertical lift modules (VLMs). By using the VLMs in a new building, the company was able to build a much smaller space, better manage inventory, and improve employee productivity. Click here to learn more about vertical lift modules. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

tissue bank uses vertical lift modules to store and retrieve inventory

Storage & Retrieval Need of the Tissue Bank

Implant surgery necessitates precise, just-in-time delivery of organs and tissues. For the process to work, a highly efficient and accurate supply chain and delivery system is critical. That’s why the company makes sure that the tissue and bones that are received, processed, and stored are closely monitored and inventoried before they are shipped out.

Because of the growth in bone graphs and packaging material orders the company was going to have to increase the size of the warehouse. The original warehouse space of 3,500 square feet was just not big enough to meet the customer demands. Using the existing wire racks and shelving systems, the company would need 7,000 square feet of storage and retrieval space.

Why the Tissue Bank Chose VLMs

During the planning process, the company’s distribution and inventory manager learned about the vertical lift module (VLM). After conducting more research and doing the math, he concluded that the VLM store the same amount of inventory the company currently had in half the space. He also realized the VLM would also increase productivity and improve inventory management processes. Due to all the benefits, the company made the decision to incorporate vertical lift modules into the new building.

vertical lift modules manage tissue bone and organ inventoryAdvantages Provided By the Vertical Lift Modules

By using the VLMs instead of wire racks the company saved 50% of the floor space that would have otherwise been needed. And they were able to save on construction costs by building half the space while handling the increased inventory. This savings provided the company with a 12 month return on their investment.

The company’s entire inventory is managed with the vertical lift module’s FastPic4 software, which is interfaced to their host ERP system. Storage, retrieval and inventory count is as easy as pushing a button or scanning a barcode, helping to make inventory control more efficient, accurate and accessible.

Also, the ability to bring untrained workers up to speed is critical for the operation. The VLMs and FastPic4 software are so easy to use that training is incredibly fast and the process assures that employees work productively, accurately and safely.

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