high security storage for pharmaceutical drugs

highly secure pharmacy cabinets for computerized storing tracking narcotics & drugsSensitive and expensive pharmaceutical drugs like narcotics need to be kept in highly secure, reliable storage areas to deter theft and misuse. Highly secure pharmacy cabinets provide computerized narcotics control and auditing to ensure that these sensitive drugs are kept safe and secure at all times. The computerized cabinets only allow authorized users access and also provides real-time auditing and tracking so you can be in full control of your drug inventories at all times. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing. 

how the highly secure pharmacy cabinets work

The cabinets and drawers can be accessed through a customized identification system by using biometric ID (fingerprint), proximity card, or username and password. Each item is stored in a separate, sealed compartment within the drawers. To access an item in a compartment, the user enters their fingerprint, ID card, or username and password. Once authorized, the correct drawer opens and the specific compartment that contains the item pops up automatically, leaving the rest of the items sealed and secure. Click here to learn more about space-saving pharmacy storage solutions.  computerized control & auditing of pharmaceutical drugs & narcoticsIn addition, computerized narcotics control and auditing is made even more secure with wireless cameras that capture every operation for viewing at any time. As the system manager, the system also allows you to dictate which, when, and for what purpose users are able to access each stored item, and the auditing trails allow you to see when an item is checked out and returned. Due dates can also be set that will alert you, the user, and any other managers you define when an item has not been returned on time. And with remote connection, the high security pharmacy cabinets make computerized narcotics control and auditing easy and headache-free with the ability to keep track of your inventory at any time, anywhere.

benefits of computerized narcotics control & auditing with highly secure pharmacy cabinets

There are a variety of other benefits of the highly secure pharmacy cabinets for narcotics control and tracking, including:
  • The system functions independently, saving human resources
  • Immediate detection with no searching time required
  • Full control and awareness of inventory
  • Ability to manage the duration of each use
  • Automated documentation for increased control management
  • Alerting system and security measures for a variety of security scenarios
  • Ability to connect and manage control from any remote station
  • Drawers can be fully customized according to your needs and can easily be changed in the future
  • Fast procedure (about 10 seconds per transaction)
  • A variety of different-sized compartments available: 5″x5″, 15″x5″, 15″x15″, 15″x20″automated computerized cabinets for narcotics control & auditing for pharmaceutical companies

contact us for highly secure pharmacy cabinets for computerized narcotics control & auditing

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services to pharmaceutical companies who need highly secure storage for narcotics and other medical drugs. For more information or to speak with a healthcare storage solutions specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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