Electric Vertical File Cabinets are Space Efficient Filing Systems for Medical Charts

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If you are looking at filing systems for medical charts, then Electric Vertical File Cabinets are a great choice because of the ergonomics, productivity, and space savings they provide. A local hospital recently discovered this for themselves. With over 22,000 patient charts the hospital HIM (Health Information Management Department) faced the challenge of keeping their medical charts organized, on-site, and easily accessible. By using an Electric Vertical File Cabinet, the hospital was able to store their files more efficiently allowing them to recover previously used floor space. (Electric Vertical File Cabinets video) Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing. (See videos See videos)

Problems with the Hospital’s Existing Filing System for Medical Charts

Automated powered filing Systems for Medical Records

With over 200 new patient charts each month the filing system the hospital was used for medical record storage was quickly running out of space. In addition, purging files was not an option because the hospital is required to keep all adult medical charts for a minimum of 6 years since their last visit and keep all children’s medical charts until they reach age 21 or up to 6 years after their last visit, whichever is longer.

Electric Vertical File Cabinets Space Savings

By installing an Electric Vertical File Cabinet, the hospital was able to regain 79% of their floor space virtually overnight while storing the same number of files. The old system required 160 square feet of floor space while the Electric Vertical File Cabinet requires only 34 square feet of floor space and provides the same file storage capacity. In fact, the hospital was able to remove the drop-down ceiling tiles and pick up additional space up to the structural ceiling.

Electric Vertical File Cabinets ErgonomicsElectric Vertical File Cabinets healthcare medical charts machines

To find a chart the employee looks up the patient’s name, social security number, or chart number in the computer system. The system provides the employee a terminal number that corresponds with a carrier or shelf number on the Electric Vertical File Cabinet. The employee simply pushes the required numbered button and the unit rotates to present the correct shelf level.

The employees are able to quickly find the chart number they are looking for. The Electric Vertical File Cabinet is an ergonomically designed system that delivers the charts to a 39-inch high work posting board or work counter eliminating bending, stooping, and reaching.

Electric Vertical File Cabinets Design and Installation Services

Southwest Solutions Group® designs, installs, services, and relocates Electric Vertical File Cabinets. For more information click here to contact us or call toll-free 1-800-803-1083 for a free storage analysis by one of our health information specialists.


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