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Innovative Vending technology has enabled healthcare to manage their products & critical assets while becoming commonplace in medical facilities across America. Medical Vending Machines accommodate the healthcare industry as the continued growth occurs in automation and efficiency. Healthcare vending machines are automated machines that healthcare facilities use to dispense prescription medicine, medical devices, medical products, and other assets in a medical facility. Using medical vending machines with intelligent vending technology endorses automated healthcare by providing an unattended healthcare vending solution. (See videos See videos)

Why Healthcare Vending Machines?

One of the greatest attributes of healthcare vending machines is they are available 24/7. By placing medical vending machines in a healthcare facility, intelligent vending machines provide convenience and easy access to medical supplies, even at odd hours of the day. Medical vending machines bring value to all departments in a healthcare facility. For example, an automated pharmacy vending machine could provide round-the-clock access to medicines and medical items. This is a considerable benefit during emergencies.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape for the entire healthcare operations world. Accessing equipment and supplies without human contact can be lifesaving. Products like face masks and hand sanitizers that used to be on a shelf need to be tracked and inventoried to prevent any adverse effects in the supply chain industry’s difficulties. Providing patients and staff easy and 24/7 access to lifesaving products has never been more essential.

Benefits of Medical Vending Machines

Healthcare vending machines provide greater security and control over products and supplies critical for patient care. Intelligent vending machines solve inventory challenges by providing hospitals, paramedics, and medical clinics with straightforward, secure, and inventory-controlled access to essential medical products.

Controlled Substances

Hospitals are required to stock dangerous and addictive substances. This fact is unavoidable and the nature of the industry. They are required to keep these substances in secure and controlled environments. This has always been a challenging area for hospital administrators.

Healthcare vending machines empower medical professionals to access materials and drugs and restock them when they need to. Our vending machines document all transactions and come with permissions.

Medical supplies

Our medical vending machines can remove the need for storage areas. Our healthcare vending machines allow hospital staff to manage supply, thwart theft, and control inventory.

Retail Vending for Your Healthcare Facility

Our medical vending machines offer a retail benefit as well. When looking for a break, both patients and staff can find what they need in our retail vending machines. The focus of our vending machines is to provide a convenient way to access healthy products for consumption.

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