nurse server patient supply storage cabinetsPatient care is a priority for every nurse. However, it’s challenging to put patients first when nurses must spend a significant amount of time searching for the medications and supplies they need. During 2018, United States hospitals saw a total of 36,353,946 admissions. On average, patients stay up to five and a half days during hospitalization. With the number of patients spending this much time in hospitals, it’s critical to have the best nurse server cabinet.

Reducing the time nurses spend locating and organizing supplies or medications means they can focus on the patient. Medical professionals face these challenges daily when they must meet the demands of patient care. When incorporating a nurse server cabinet or patient server cart into each patient’s room, busy hospitals put everything they need at the point-of-care.

Understanding Nurse Server and Patient Server Storage Cabinets

Nurses waste a significant amount of time when there’s inadequate storage or take long walks to supply rooms. That’s valuable time that nurses and other medical professionals could be spending with their patients. When a patient’s room features a hospital cabinet within its design, these storage solutions help mitigate this issue. That is mainly because most of the supplies nurses use the most are steps away from their bedsides.

A nurse server cabinet provides immediate access to medications and medical supplies and improves patient care because this storage solution is accessible from inside and outside of the room. Retrieving and re-stocking supplies are streamlined, making patient care quick and efficient.

Nurse server and patients server storage cabinets feature designs specifically for:

  • Limiting patient room access to help reduce the potential for germs spreading
  • Optimizing available storage for pharmaceutical and supplies within a patient’s room
  • Re-stocking a patient server cabinet without causing interruptions during patient care or rest

Why Healthcare Facilities Should Use Nurse Server and Patient Server Storage Cabinets

pass thru patient supply cabinet cartHospitals use a nurse server cabinet or patient server cabinet in a patient’s room to ensure proper storage is available for medical and pharmaceutical supplies. That’s where nurses can use the upper portion to store items they use most often. Examples of these items include dressing trays, gowns, linens, nasal prongs, pads, slider sheets, suction tubes, and towels.

Because the hospital cabinet is available at the nurse’s point-of-need, that means they’re spending less time gathering medications and supplies. These cabinets are accessible from the corridor, making it easier to re-stock without entering the patient’s room. Here are some additional reasons why hospital storage should occur in the patient’s room:

  • Better patient care: Nurses can spend more time with and providing quality care to patients when supply storage in their rooms.
  • Increased efficiency: There’s no need for pharmaceutical staff members to wait for patients to check out of their rooms before re-stocking medications.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Patients experience less agitation and rest more comfortably because medical supply re-stocking occurs outside of the room.
  • Less waste: When supplies are available in nurse server and patient server cabinets, that means there’s no need to overstock rooms and throw away unused supplies.

Many individuals work at their best when the right tools are available. This reality is especially true for nurses. For nurses, performing at their best occurs when they have the supplies they need when they need them. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate a nurse server cabinet into every patient room design.

How Nurse Server and Patient Server Cabinets Improve Efficiency

direct patient care pass through cabinetIncorporating sliding storage in a nurse cabinet helps increase efficiency because most of the supplies are accessible at the point-of-care. Because of this patient cabinet, nurses can complete more tasks in the patient’s room without organizing or searching for supplies.

According to a study published by Becker’s Clinical Leadership & Infection Control, as much as 90% of nurses indicate that there’s not enough time for high-quality patient care. Therefore, implementing these types of storage cabinets means nurses can focus their attention on where it matters: on the patient.

A nurse server cabinet mounts to the wall in a patient’s room and is accessible from both sides. These types of cabinets increase storage in a patient’s room for medical and pharmaceutical supplies. From the hallway, supply room staff members stock the supplies each room needs. That way, the nurse can access those supplies when working with patients inside the room.

Additional efficiencies include:

  • Improving the nurse to patient workflow, ensuring medications and supplies are available immediately
  • Nurses spend a minimal amount of time away from their patients, thus performing bedside duties more efficiently.
  • Nurses can keep scheduled medications closer to patients, so administering them can occur on-time

Benefits and Features of Nurse Server and Patient Server Storage Cabinets

Nurses are on the go from the start of their shift and right up until the end. They must provide care for patients, answer questions, help families, and conduct other administrative duties. When they don’t have what they need immediately, that hampers their ability to perform their tasks effectively. Incorporating a nurse server cabinet within each patient’s room means that most nurses’ needs are within an arm’s reach.

Additional benefits include:

  • Building a decentralized nurse’s station with a convenient location within every patient’s room
  • Optimizing the patient room’s floor plan and design by creating additional usable space
  • Reducing traffic flow through every patient room with a patient server cabinet accessible inside and outside of the room

Design professionals receive input directly from administrators, architects, and nurses. They take that feedback and incorporate it into designing high-functioning nurse server cabinets. Each of these cabinets arrives as a customizable kit, allowing personnel to configure them according to the facility’s needs.

Additional features include:

  • Adjustable divers on pull-out and tilt down storage bins
  • Control access with HID badge readers
  • Locking PIN codes and RFID options for medication and needle storage drawers
  • No assembly required
  • Store a hamper, PPE, or both in the bottom half of the hospital cabinet
  • Two finishes available, including anti-microbial steel or health-grade laminate
  • How This Type of Storage Benefits Military Personnel

Healthcare professionals in military hospitals face challenges daily, from handling scheduling conflicts to facing life and death situations. Because each shift involves high levels of stress, finding solutions to mitigate that issue is critical. Not only does a patient storage cabinet ensure military personnel has what they need immediately, but they also help reduce stress as a result.

Everything runs smoother when healthcare professionals in military hospitals or other medical settings have what they need on-hand. That means, when these individuals are providing care, the right equipment, supplies, and tools are available and organized. This reality is especially true when military hospitals are facing emergencies. Advanced solutions for military professionals in healthcare facilities include:

  • Secure medication storage
  • 100% accessibility from both sides of the wall
  • High-density sliding storage
  • Medication and supply inventory control
  • Integrated access control security features

Technical Specifications and Design

patient server nurse supply cart cabinetAs the need for pharmaceutical and supply storage grows, so does the need for better-designed solutions within a patient’s room. In doing so, more attention focuses on a nurse and medical professional’s need for how and when these storage solutions are re-stocked. Typically, medical facilities work with an in-house engineering team for this type of storage solution. Architects and designers provide solutions for hospitals, military facilities, and more.

General Technical Specifications

  • 1’6″ wide
  • 6’11 1/8″ tall
  • 2-way baskets
  • 2-way drawer
  • 2-way linen hamper

Patient Room Storage Solutions

It’s no mystery that nurses need solutions for increasing how much time they work with patients versus searching for supplies or completing other duties. Implementing a nurse server cabinet featuring sliding storage within a patient’s room means the reduction and potential elimination of wasted time and disorganization. You’ll find most patient or nurse server cabinets feature similar technical specifications and designs. Here’s an example:

Model: Patient Cabinet – Nurse Server

  • 100% recycled and (or) recovered wood
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Anti-microbial, powder-coated steel construction
  • Baskets are dual-directional, pull-out, and tilt-down
  • Exterior finishes are HPL or Thermafoil
  • RFID or keyless locking system
  • The recessed toe-kick is modular
  • UL-listed smoke gasket to control draft and smoke on the corridor side

Expert designers can integrate keylock pads and RFID readers into existing software solutions. It’s also possible to incorporate mobile applications to help with organization and re-stocking requirements. Installing a nurse server cabinet into a patient’s room involves multiple architectural and design phases.revit bim models

Architectural and design phases:

  • Presenting an AutoCAD® compatible library, including 2D and 3D shop drawings
  • Material labeling indicating manufacturer part numbers, patient room number, and tracking and PO numbers
  • Presenting performance specifications
  • Project integration within each patient room
  • Installation

Contact Us for Nurse and Patient Serve Storage Solutions

Southwest Solutions Group® has a team of healthcare experts who understand why nurses need adequate storage in a patient’s room and provide a solution. We offer innovative solutions for freeing up space while increasing efficiency and productivity. Contact one of our team’s design experts today about your nurse server cabinet needs. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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